About Our Practice

Mackey Family Practice was founded in 1986 with the simple mission of providing quality and timely healthcare for the Lancaster and south Charlotte-area community. Soon after our founding, there became a growing need for occupational health services for both private businesses and public entities – local and state governments, education and first responders. As the mid 1990s brought about the dawn of the internet age, Mackey Family Practice was one of the first occupational health providers to incorporate technology into its wellness screenings process with the development of our proprietary MFPHealthScan software system.

Backed by twenty-five years of growth in our occupational health services, we launched MFP Work Wellness in April 2020. MFP Work Wellness is our exclusive occupational health practice and its formation allows us to provide more focused and timely service to our clients and your employees. MFP Work Wellness has a dedicated team of occupational health professionals and is able to leverage the full resources of Mackey Family Practice to best serve you.