Drug Testing

Why do Drug Testing?

Drug testing is an important part of the hiring process and maintenance of a company for many reasons. It has been proven to be the best preventive measure in ensuring the safety of your workplace. Employee drug use both decreases productivity and increases the likelihood and risk of an accident. Therefore, it is important to the employer to maintain a drug-free workplace.

Your industry may also legally be required to enforce drug testing. In 1988, Congress enacted legislation mandating that any company engaged by the federal government must maintain a drug-free workplace. If you operate a business regulated by the Department of Labor or Department of Transportation, the law requires that employees must be drug tested and conduct periodic physicals.

There are four categories (reasons) for drug testing:

  1. Pre-employment
  2. Post-accident
  3. Random drug testing
  4. Reasonable suspicion drug testing

Why Choose MFP Work Wellness for Drug Testing?

MFP Work Wellness offer regulated employers a 5-panel drug screen and our standard 9-panel or 10-panel drug screens to non-regulated commercial clients. Utilizing the latest FDA-approved automated and instrumented technologies, we are able to ensure the timely and secure delivery of drug test results. MFP Work Wellness can collect drug screening specimen samples via urine, hair follicle, nails, blood or oral swabs.

Both regulated and commercial drug tests are securely sent to a federally-accredited (SAMHSA) laboratory for analysis. To ensure the integrity of the drug screen results, we confirm all non-negative drug tests by gas chromatography/mass spectrometry at no additional charge to our clients. MFP Work Wellness is one of the very few occupational health providers in the area to have a certified Medical Review Officer (MRO) on staff. Having an MRO in-house allows MFP Work Wellness to analyze and certify drug screening results efficiently getting the results to you sooner.

MFP Work Wellness recognizes that your need for drug testing may occur outside of traditional office hours. Whether you need a DOT-initiated drug test before dawn or a post-accident drug test on the weekend, MFP Work Wellness stands ready to administer time-sensitive drug tests 24/7 for our established clients. In fact, we will come to your business location to administer the drug test.

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