DOT Drug Test

What is a DOT Drug Test?

A DOT drug test differs from a regular commercial drug test in several ways. The most important difference is that the DOT only allows urine drug testing. DOT drug testing follows a set of regimented protocols designed to protect the integrity of the analysis, so results usually take longer to process. Testing must be performed at a collection site that adheres to DOT regulations, specifically that the facility must employ qualified collectors and provide the donor with substantial privacy while urinating. Additionally, the collectors must follow strict protocols to maintain the chain of custody. DOT drug tests can ONLY be analyzed at an HHS certified laboratory, of which there are fewer than 40 nationwide. Rapid, instant, or point of contact drug testing is not permitted. There are five drugs and drug metabolites are tested in a DOT drug screening program: amphetamines, cocaine, marijuana, phencyclidine (PCP) and opiates. Once the sample has been analyzed, the results are reviewed by a certified Medical Review Officer who, upon certifying the accuracy, will report.

Who needs a DOT Drug Test?

The Department of Transportation (DOT) has special drug testing requirements for those employed in safety-sensitive positions (as defined by the FMCSA and FAA). Examples of safety-sensitive positions include commercial vehicle drivers, truck drivers, locomotive engineers and signalmen, or flight crew members and air traffic controllers. The Department of Transportation has different testing requirements for different areas of transportation. For example, the testing requirements for air traffic controllers may differ from the testing requirements for commercial vehicle drivers. To find the requirements for your industry or job, visit

There are a variety of reasons and circumstances that warrant a DOT drug test to be performed. They can be performed as part of a DOT physical exam, a random drug screening protocol, following an accident, when an employer has reasonable suspicion that an employee is intoxicated, and as part of a return-to-duty exam.

MFP Work Wellness is Your DOT Drug Testing Site

MFP Work Wellness has decades of experience providing DOT collection site services at both of our area locations. Additionally, as part of our Fast Track to Work Wellness program, MFP Work Wellness will provide DOT drug testing services in less than an hour on the day requested. MFP Work Wellness is one of the very few occupational health providers in the area to have a certified Medical Review Officer (MRO) on staff. Having an MRO in-house allows MFP Work Wellness to analyze and certify drug screening results efficiently getting the results to you sooner. Furthermore, to ensure the integrity of the drug screen results, we confirm all non-negative drug tests by gas chromatography/mass spectrometry at no additional charge to our clients.

MFP Work Wellness recognizes that your need for drug testing may occur outside of traditional office hours. Therefore, for our established clients, MFP Work Wellness stands ready to administer time-sensitive drug tests 24/7, whether it be a DOT-initiated drug test before dawn or a post-accident drug test on the weekend. In fact, we will come to your business location to administer the drug test.

MFP Work Wellness also provides certified Breath Alcohol Testing (BAT) for our DOT-regulated and non-regulated commercial clients. Please visit our breathalyzer page to learn more.

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