Hearing & Vision Screening


The audiometry exam tests one’s ability to hear sounds at different frequencies and determine whether one is experiencing a hearing loss. Audiology exams are an important part of occupational health, both in terms of maintaining a high-performing and safe workplace and protecting your employee that may be exposed to loud noise from heavy machinery or equipment.

If your workers are exposed to significant occupational noise, OSHA requires that employers institute a hearing conservation program to protect workers from hearing impairment. Employers must make audiometric testing available at no cost to all employees who are exposed to a noise action level of 85 dB or above, measured as an 8-hour time-weighted average.  Activities that can produce a level of 85 dB include:

·       Forklift (gas powered): 87 dB

·       Welding: 98.4 dB

·       Chainsaw: 110 dB

·       Firetruck siren: 124 dB

There are two types of audiometric testing required in the hearing conservation program: 1) baseline hearing testing conducted during a pre-employment physical and 2) an annual audiogram. This phased approach of testing allows employers the ability to monitor and manage the impact a job has had, if any, on hearing capabilities. Audiology exams may also take place in the context of workers’ compensation care.

MFP Work Wellness can administer audiology exams at both of our area offices. MFP Work Wellness can also include audiology exams in our health screenings conducted at your business location. Additionally, MFP Work Wellness is qualified to supervise audiometric testing and your hearing conservation programs.


The purpose of occupational vision screening is to identify employees with vision issues. Whether your employees work in a regulated safety-sensitive position, in a skilled trade such as an electrician, or spend their workday in front of a computer, identifying and correcting impaired vision is essential in helping to reduce employee fatigue, increase quality control, and reduce accidents.

MFP Work Wellness utilizes the Snellen Standard Eye Chart for vision screenings in both of our Charlotte-area offices. Additionally, we are also able to screen for color blindness using the Ishihara’s Test for Colour Deficiency.  MFP Work Wellness can also conduct these vision screenings at your business location as part of an employee wellness screening session.