Police and Firefighter Physical Examinations

Law Enforcement Physicals

Police officers are physically active daily. Given the physically stressful nature of their jobs, it is important that police officers undergo regular physical examinations. It is equally important that prospective officers undergo pre-screenings to ensure they are physically able to perform their duties safely. To ensure the continued health and safety of all officers, MFP Work Wellness performs thorough examinations and pre-screenings in compliance with all applicable local and state guidelines.

Firefighter Physical Examinations

It is imperative that firefighters maintain the highest standards of wellness and physical fitness. Firefighters must have the strength and fitness to climb stairs and ladders while lifting and carrying heavy objects, wearing a self-contained breathing apparatus, and carrying water-filled hoses. Firefighters are also exposed to hazardous chemicals and should be monitored for exposures throughout their career. Because of this, it is critical that firefighters receive the right physical exams—and pass them before going into the field.

MFP Work Wellness provides firefighter physical exams that meets NFPA 1582 guidelines and OSHA Respirator requirements. This includes enhanced screening assessments of the cardiovascular system, cardio-pulmonary testing, testing of internal organs, and extensive laboratory blood profiles.

Why Choose MFP Work Wellness for First Responder Physicals?

MFP Work Wellness utilizes an integrated medical approach to first responder’s physical exams that combines an annual fit-for-duty physical with critical, early-detection screenings for major underlying health conditions. The MFP Work Wellness clinical model provides first responders with a thorough assessment of their health and their ability to physically perform on the job while also providing recommendations for achieving and maintaining long term wellbeing and managing medical risks.

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