What is a Preventative Health Screening:

Routine health screenings are an essential component of keeping your workforce healthy. Health screenings are the cornerstone of improving your employee’s wellness and assist in identifying the presence of an underlying health concern. Health screenings are ideally conducted as part of regularly occurring health and wellness program, or they can be administered when there is cause for specific health concerns. Health screenings are performed using two main inputs that are equally important: The first is an analysis of the employee’s biometric data – height and weight, blood pressure and blood specimen panel – that is collected during screening. The second is an examination of the individuals’ medical history and risk factors. MFPHealthScan combines both elements to give education, analysis of findings and a prescription for better health.

Why MFP Work Wellness screenings

Over the course of 25 years providing occupational health preventative screenings, MFP Work Wellness has streamlined and perfected the process of on-site health screening sessions. The foundation of our occupational health screenings is our proprietary MFPHealthScan technology and our skilled team of nursing staff and lab technicians. We have the proven ability to screen hundreds on patients on-site in just a few hours.

MFP Work Wellness has tremendous flexibility and resources when designing a health screening program. Our in-house CLIA certified laboratory allows us to go beyond just offering a standard blood testing panel; we can customize and tailor our blood screenings to fit your needs and health concerns. Our health screening program and capabilities, combined with MFP Work Wellness’s unified health and wellness programs, can provide both meaningful improvements in your employee’s overall wellness and lower costs attributed to an unhealthy workforce.